Photographer's favorites of 2007

My favorite aviation photography is air-to-air. This is when I get an opportunity to get some unique shots. These are a few of my favorites from 2007.

SNJ-4 Texan "Sugarfoot" over Moorpark, California

Two Texans "Daring Diane" and "Thirsty Girl" forming up over Camarillo

"Daring Diane" and "Thirsty Girl" on our port side

"Daring Diane" over Moorpark, California

"Daring Diane" and "Thirsty Girl" over Moorpark

"Daring Diane" and "Thirsty Girl" over Moorpark

"Thirsty Girl" over Moorpark

"Daring Diane" and "Thirsty Girl" over Camarillo

The shadow from the media flight in the B-25 "Executive Sweet" over the Pacific Ocean near Malibu, California

F-18 Hornet from Navy Squadron VX-30 "Bloodhounds"

The Silver Wings Stearman over Chino, California

Margi Stivers on the top wing and Jenny Forsythe climbing out of the front cockpit

L to R: Hartley Folstad, Jenny Forsythe and Margi Stivers

Margi and Jenny "in the office"

The Silver Wings from above

Margi and Jenny flying high

A big thumbs up for a job well done!

Formation flying at it's best

Jenny solo

Homeward bound. Landing at Chino airport.

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