Photographer's Favorites of 2008
Flying Aircraft

These are photos of flying aircraft that I took from the ground.

Mark Matye's T-28 at Camarillo

A rare formation of a P-40 Warhawk with an A6M Zero over Camarillo

"Douglas formation" featuring a C-53 Skytrooper and an SBD Dauntless over Camarillo

Grumman F7F Tigercat flown by Clay Lacy.

Another rare formation with the SBD Dauntless, F6F Hellcat and the A6M Zero.

A6M3 Zero on final approach. This one is flown by the CAF SoCal Wing.

1957 Lockheed SP-2 fire bomber over Paso Robles.

CAF SoCal Wing's Grumman F8F Bearcat.

CAF SoCal Wing's Grumman F6F Hellcat.

Blackhawk Helicopter over Cable Airport.

Waco UPF-7 departing Cable Airport.

F6F Hellcat shooting down the Zero over Camarillo.

CAF SoCal Wing fighter formation with the F6F Hellcat, A6M Zero and the F8F Bearcat.

Magic and Viper doing a section takeoff from Camarillo.

A Temco Swift departs Santa Paula Airport.

An A-10 Warthog departing Riverside Airport.

A C-17 in a tight turn over Riverside.

C-17 dusty takeoff from Riverside.

Sean Tucker taking off from Riverside Airport.

Farewell flyover for Dick Sykes.

John Collver at Camarillo.

Vicki Cruze over Camarillo.

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