Photographer's Favorites of 2008

General Whitehead, Minter Field Musem Commander, Levi Thornhill, Tuskegee Airman and Rob Harrison, the Tumbling Bear.

Mark "Magic" Matye in his T-28 Trojan.

John Collver, Bill Cornick and Doug Jardine, three aerobatic pilots at Camarillo for the Quiet Birdmen event.

Ron Alldredge smiles from the cockpit of his T-34 at the Palm Springs Gathering of Mentors.

Pilots from the Palm Springs Gathering of Mentors with John Hill (far left). John coordinated the event.

Steve Stavrakakis "Wild Thing" announcing the Cable Airshow.

Wayne "Killa" Watts and an unidentified backseater at the Trojans and Hoovers event in Paso Robles.

Michael "Viper" Maloco and Werner "Mule" Holdereid in Viper's T-28 at the Trojans and Hoovers event in Paso Robles.

Wayne "Killa" Watts ready to fly.

John Melby waves to the crowd after a performance at the Cable Airshow.

Rob and Susan Harrison at Cable Airport.

Terry Cedar checking for traffic at the Camarillo Airport in the CAF SoCal Wing's SNJ.

My son, Jacob emulated some aerobatics with his toy airplane at Camarillo Airport.

My son finding shade beneath a Broussard at Camarillo.

Rebel Flight after the June shoot.

Doug Jardine relaxing on the wing of his Sukhoi.

Jim Hinckley, WWII veteran and CAF volunteer, gets a ride in the CAF SoCal Wing's SNJ.

Stu Mcafee and Chris Rushing chat on the ramp at Camarillo before the July 3rd flyover for Moorpark.

Dave Vanoni flying the Navion on media day for the Camarillo Airshow.

A rare time that I am in front of the lens. I am with my son at the Camarillo Airport. Photo courtesy of Jim Mumaw.

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