Photographer's Favorites of 2008
Static and Taxiing Aircraft

Four F4U Corsairs on the hot ramp at Chino.

1946 Nord Stampe SV4C at the Santa Paula Airport.

Navion in the morning sun at Camarillo Airport.

The DC-3 in the foreground and the C-47 in the background.

T-28 Trojans at Paso Robles for the Trojans and Hoovers gathering.

Mark Matye preps his T-28 on a cold October morning in Paso Robles.

A scary looking exhaust stack fire on an F7F at Camarillo. No significant damage occurred and the aircraft flew.

CAF SoCal Wing's PT-19, SNJ-4 and C-46 on the ramp at Camarillo.

T-6 from the Condor Squadron awaiting the storm at Van Nuys.

Vans RV taxiing at Camarillo

Martin 404 on the ramp at Camarillo prior to it's departure to Arizona.

A Polish TS-11 Iskra or "Spark" taxies at Camarillo.

One of Camarillo's many T-28 Trojans.

The Trojan turns toward the hangars near the EAA.

A Nanchang CJ at Camarillo.

A Lancair T360 with a beautiful paint scheme.

Tire smoke from a C-17 landing at Riverside.

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