November 8, 2008
Veteran's Day Parade Flyover

The Santa Barbara Veteran's Day parade was held on Saturday November 8. I got an e-mail a few weeks prior to the event from Viper, looking for pilots to do a flyover for the event. I inquired if there were any back seats empty for a photo flight. Things firmed up a few days before the flyover. The flight of three ships consisted of Don Johnson flying the lead in his T-28. Michael "Viper" Maloco would be on Don's right wing with Werner "Mule" Holderied in his back seat, flying his T-34 Mentor. I rode in Ron Alldredge's T-34 in the rear seat to be the photo ship. After 2 passes up State Street, we turned out over the ocean near the beach for a beach run. The weather couldn't have been better. The flying was fantastic. A big thanks to all who were involved to make this flight possible. A HUGE thanks goes out to the Veterans, who have kept us free and able to do things like these flights.