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Memorial Day in the US is for honoring those warriors who gave their lives to protect our freedom. We took off from Camarillo Airport and headed north up the coast to fly over Santa Barbara, Montecito and Carpenteria for their Memorial Day ceremonies. On the way back toward Camarillo, we took a detour over Simi Valley to also fly over the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. It is always a big honor for me to be part of these flyovers to honor our fallen heroes. Their sacrifices are not forgotten. The flight was led by Michael "Viper" Maloco. I rode with Ron Alldredge in the #2 aircraft. #3 and #4 were flown by Marc "Big Daddy" Russell and Ron "Little Wood" Lee.

T-34 Mentor
Viper leads the takeoff for element 1.

Beech T-34 Mentor and Nanchang CJ6A
Big Daddy and Little Wood in element 2 joining the formation.

Marc Russell's T-34 Mentor
Marc Russell with Dan Newcomb in the back seat.

Nanchang CJ6A
Ron Lee and Betsy in the Nanchang CJ6A.

T-34 Mentor and Nanchang CJ6A
Marc and Ron holding position over the Pacific.

T-34 Mentor
Michael "Viper" Maloco with Werner "Mule" Holdereid turning toward the coast.

Nanchang CJ6A
Ron and Betsy in the Nanchang CJ6A

T-34 Mentor with smoke on.
Marc turning the smoke on before pulling out of the formation for the missing man.

T-34 Mentor
One of my favorite angles of the T-34 Mentor.

Nanchang CJ6A pulling for the missing man
Ron Lee pulling for the missing man over Carpinteria.

T-34 Mentor
Marc and Dan in the T-34 Mentor.

Nanchang CJ6A over the Pacific
Ron and Betsy over the coast.

Formation over the Reagan Library
Nice formation work over the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Formation over Simi Valley, California
Looking down on three of the aircraft over the Reagan Library.

T-34 Nanchang formation
Looking good, guys!

Below is video highlights from my helmet cam taken during the flight.

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