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The annual Santa Barbara Veteran's Day Parade was on November 12, 2016. As part of the festivities to honor our veterans, a flyover was done by 18 aircraft. The flight consisted of three elements. Alpha Flight was led by the CAF SoCal Wing's PBJ Mitchell. Bravo Filght was led by the B-25 "Executive Sweet", based at Camarillo Airport. Charlie flight was led by a C-47 Skytrain "Betsy's Biscuit Bomber" based at Paso Robles. All of the pilots volunteered their time and the fuel to give a strong showing of support for our nations veterans. I was in the back seat of Ron Alldredge's T-34 in Alpha Flight to capture the flight from our perspective. Thanks goes out to Michael "Viper" Maloco for organizing the event and getting everything coordinated. A HUGE thanks goes out to our veterans and current military members. This was for all of you.

Veterans Day 2016
Viper on the join up with the CAF SoCal Wing's PBJ Mitchell

PBJ Mitchell
Looking down on the PBJ during the join up.

Another angle of the PBJ
Another angle of the PBJ.

Alpha flight
Alpha flight during the join up. The last two aircraft were coming up from behind.

PBJ and T-34
Michael Hohls flying the PBJ leads through the turn for the second pass with Michael Maloco in the T-34 Mentor on his wing.

Alpha flight in the turn
Alpha flight coming off target for the third pass over the beach.

Alpha flight over the Santa Barbara marina
Alpha flight over the Santa Barbara marina.

Bravo and Charlie flights
Bravo and Charlie flights.

Tyler Trickey over the Pacific
Tyler Trickey over the Pacific.

Nanchangs with a Yak-52
Nanchangs with a Yak-52.

Marc Russell and Mike Reirdon in the T-34 Mentors
Marc Russell and Mike Reirdon in the T-34 Mentors.

Tom Mitchell in his T-34 Mentor.
Tom Mitchell in his T-34 Mentor.

Mike Reirdon in his T-34 Mentor
Mike Reirdon in his T-34 Mentor

Near perfect formation over Camarillo
It doesn't get much better than this for a tight formation over Camarillo.

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