I first met Daniel Wotring and Chris Hicks on Facebook some time ago. Being in Southern California and in the aviation world, your facebook friends become people you meet face to face. After hanging out with Chris and Daniel at several aviation events, I learned that they were working on formation training and doing it properly. They have flown with some of the CAF guys from the Third Pursuit Squadron, and have learned well. I photographed their first airshow flights in January of 2011 on a cold, hazy day at Cable Airport. I was also privileged to be flying with Brian Lepkowski in April of 2011 to photograph Chris Hicks' check ride for his formation wingman patch.

Chris, Daniel and others get together on many Fridays for formation training. I tagged along with them on July 15 and was able to photograph Chris, Daniel and Tom Hicks in flight as well as capturing my first video with my helmet cam. It was a fun day and great to see a younger generation getting involved in aviation with formation training and airshows. It's also great to see that they are doing things the right way, with the emphasis on safety. A big thanks goes out to Chris and Daniel for taking me aloft, letting me take some photos, act as ballast and have some fun.

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Chris Hicks in the Vans RV-4
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Daniel Wotring in the Great Lakes
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Tom Hicks in the AG5B Tiger
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Miscellaneous Photos

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