The Cable Airport hosted a Warbird Fly-in on April 16, 2011. In addition to the fly-in, there was also a mini formation clinic. Doug Shuster and Cliff Heathcoat gave a class on formation basics and also hosted a question and answer session to help new formation pilots and to refresh the others. Over the course of the day, Tom Hicks flew his first formation flight in his Piper NE-1. Brian "Skeeter" Lepkowski flew the lead ship with me in the back to take photos and Chris "Bags" Hicks flew with Tom Hicks as his safety pilot. Later in the day, Chris flew and passed his checkride to be a qualified wingman on the same flight when Terry Freedman passed his checkride as a flight lead. Congratulations to all involved. Other aircraft that showed up were a Naval Aircraft Factory N3N and a PT-17 Stearman. The Navion fliers from Ventura county were out with 4 Navions. The Red Star pilots also came in with 4 Nanchang CJs and a Yak-52. Carter Teeters was the one who did the checkouts for Terry and Chris. My personal thanks go out to all of the pilots involved for some safe flying and great photo opportunities. Thanks to the CAF Third Pursuit Squadron and the staff at the Cable Airport who helped sponsor and support the event. A big thanks to Brian "Skeeter" Lepkowski for taking me aloft for the photos and the fun.

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Cessna 172- Chris Hicks
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