Camarillo Airport, February 2008

Camarillo Airport is an interesting airport with a rich history. Originally the Oxnard Army Air Force Base, the airport has hosted P-51 Mustangs, F-101 Voodoos and a number of other aircraft during it's years as a military base. P-51 Mustang pilots were trained there during WWII. It is ironic the number of aircraft that are at the airport today that are former cold war adversary aircraft. During the Cold War, the base hosted interceptor squadrons. These squadrons had fighters that would scramble to intercept enemy aircraft, which at the time were likely Soviet aircraft. Today, Camarillo is home to several MiGs, Yakovlevs and other Eastern Bloc aircraft. The Commemorative Air Force's Southern California Wing has a nice collection of vintage WWII aircraft, including an authentic Japanese Zero.

Below are galleries taken over the course of two Saturdays during February. The airport is busy with activity on Saturdays and the pattern gets busy when the weather is nice, especially if it has been bad for a few weeks. When the skies are clear and the weather sunny after a week or more of rain, people want to get out and fly.

Click here for the Aircraft as Art gallery
Aircraft as Art
Click here for the Museum Artifacts gallery
Artifacts in the CAF Museum
Clicke here for the Ercoupe gallery
Click here for the Helicopter gallery
Click here for the Lancair gallery
Click here for the maintainers and magicians gallery
Maintainers and Magicians
Click here for the Miscellaneous Aircraft gallery
Miscellaneous Aircraft
Click here for the Mitsubishi Zero gallery
Mitsubishi Zero
Click here for the P-51D Mustang gallery
P-51D Mustang "Pecos Bill"
Click here for the PT-19 Cornell gallery
PT-19 Cornell
Click here for the People gallery
Click here for the Piaggio P-180 Avanti gallery
Piaggio P-180 Avanti
Click here for the T6/SNJ gallery
T6/SNJ Texan
Click here for the T-28 Trojan gallery
T-28 Trojan
Click here for the Van's RV gallery
Van's RVs
Click here for the Yak-11 Moose replica gallery
Yak-11 Moose Replica

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