The Santa Paula airport is celebrating it's 80th birthday this year. It has been a number of years since Santa Paula has had an airshow, so it was a nice treat to see this one show up on my schedule. The morning haze cleared pretty quickly to make for clear blue skies with a few gusts. Because of the size of the airport and FAA regulations for crowd safety, most of the aircraft were staged out of Camarillo Airport with a Cessna 182 shuttling performers between airports. But it worked out okay. For a number of performers, it was their first airshow in front of a crowd. I look forward to seeing more of these performers in the future.

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CAF SoCal Warbirds
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Chris Olmsted- Pitts Aerobatics
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Darin Moody- Great Lakes Aerobatics
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Dr D's Old Time Aerobatics
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Dan Gray- Turbine Legend
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Miscellaneous Photos
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Pete Mason in the "Spirit of Topeka" Stearman
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Peter Poland- Extra Aerobatics
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Rob Harrison, the Tumbling Bear
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Seamus McCaughley- Bleagle Aerobatics
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Sam Mason- RF4D Glider Aerobatics
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Santa Paula Police and Fire Departments
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Tim Just- Extra Aerobatics

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