I was invited to come up to the Trojans and Hoover event by Viper during a lunch with Viper, Mule and Magic a few weeks after the Rebel Flight photo shoot. I wasn't sure what to expect, but made the arrangements to drive up to Paso Robles on Friday morning, stay overnight and drive home on Saturday evening. My journey began Friday morning at 4 AM (The things we do for airplanes!) with a 200 mile drive up to Paso Robles. I was heading down the road to the Estrella Warbird Museum at about 8:30 when I heard the familiar sound of the Trojan radials. They were already up and flying!

I was greeted and brought onto the museum grounds by one of the museum volunteers. They knew I was coming (the photo guy, as I was referred to as). The next 2 days were filled with flying and fun. The kinship and friendship of the crews is one of any group of people that share a common interest and it binds them together well. Good hearted jabs were around on the ground and a lot of kidding around, but once in the cockpit, they were all business and were very professional.

A BIG thanks goes out to the army of volunteers at the Estrella Warbird Museum for their hard work and dedication to helping all of us out. Their hospitality and graciousness was first rate! I would also like to thank all of the pilots for giving me great shots and give particular calls out to the pilots who dragged me up into the sky and brought me safely back to earth; Michael "Viper" Maloco, Mark "Magic" Matye and Wayne "Kila" Watts. I'd fly with you guys any time.

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Flight 1- Trojans and Hoover
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Flight 3- Saturday Morning Noise
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Flight 5- Lunch Run
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Flight 6- Return to Paso Robles
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People at the Event

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