The Southern California Wing of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) hosted a special event called Pilot Maker Day. This was a showcase of trainers. The AT-6/SNJ Texan of WWII fame was featured along with the post-war trainers the T-34 Mentor and the T-28 Trojan. The weather was touch and go for a bit in the morning, but the rain held back and the flying displays went on. The crowd turnout was good and the museum was also hosting a birthday party that day. It was nice to see the crowds of young and old coming out to see these historic aircraft. I would personally like to thank Ceci Stratford and Joe Peppito for gathering the army of volunteers who helped make this a successful day. To the folks of the Civil Air Patrol, Ventura Military Explorers and all of the staff at the SoCal Wing, thank you! The galleries below are how I watched the event through my lens. I hope you enjoy them.

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Formation Flybys

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T-28 Trojan
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