The Palm Springs Air Museum hosts the Gathering of Mentors every year. I met up with the Mentor pilots on Friday and spent the evening listening to them catch up since the last gathering, sharing tips and maintenance tricks and flying stories. Saturday was filled with pre and post flight briefings and flying. I wish to thank John Hill, Gene Ramirez and the army of volunteers at the Palm Springs Air Museum for coordinating this effort, their tireless work and their great hospitality. I also want to thank the pilots for taking me aloft and bringing me back to earth safely. The following pilots were involved in the event: Marc Russell, Ron Alldredge, Ken Wyatt, Tom Mitchell, Jim Ostrich, George Watson, George Wilen, Larry Bierma, Brett Austin, and John Flippen. You guys gave me some great opportunities to capture your airplanes in flight.

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Flight One- Gas Run

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Flight Two- Morning Flyovers
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Flight Three- The Big Gaggle
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Flight Four- Final Photo Flight
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