Every year in June in Camarillo, an aviation society called the Quiet Birdmen have their annual barbecue and airshow. The ranch where the barbecue is held does not have an airstrip, so all of the aircraft are staged out of Camarillo airport. This is a wonderful opportunity to see some unique and rare warbirds. Not only are the sitting static until the flight operations begin, but they taxi, takeoff and depending on where the are based, land again at Camarillo. Each year, a different mixture and lineup of aircraft are there for the show. It is always interesting and exciting to see what will be on-hand when I arrive at the CAF hangars. This was my fourth year going to the staging event, but my first year with the Nikon. A couple of nice surprises showed up this year that made everyone excited. The Douglas SB2C Helldiver is a rare treat. It is currently the only Helldiver flying and it is based in Texas, so it is not normally seen in California. Clay Lacy brought out his beautiful DC-3 airliner "Mainliner O'Connor". A 1944 A-26 Invader based at Van Nuys also showed up and was really something to see. There were also a number of aerobatic aircraft in addition to the warbirds. Some of the aircraft on this page did not perform at the show, but were arriving or departing Camarillo during the flight ops. Enjoy the pictures!

Click here for the A-26 Invader gallery
A-26 Invader
Click here for the B200 King Air Gallery
B200 King Air
Click here for the DC-3 gallery
DC-3 Airliner
Click here for the F4F Martlett gallery
F4F Martlett
Click here for the F6F Hellcat gallery
F6F Hellcat
Click here for the F8F Bearcat gallery
F8F Bearcat
Click here for the formations gallery
Formations of dissimilar airplanes
Click here for the Lancair Legacy gallery
Lancair Legacy
Click here for the miscellaneous gallery
Miscellaneous Shots
Click here for the P-40 Warhawk gallery
P-40 Warhawk
Click here for the Pitts S2C gallery
Pitts S2C Aerobatic Airplane
Click here for the SB2C Helldiver gallery
SB2C Helldiver
Click here for the SBD Dauntless gallery
SBD Dauntless
Click here for the Hawker Sea Fury gallery
Sea Fury
Click here for the Sukhoi Su-26mx gallery
SU-26mx Aerobatic Airplane
Click here for the T-28 Trojan gallery
T-28 Trojan
Click here for the T-6/SNJ Texan gallery
T-6 Texan
Click here for the Zlin 50 'Tumbling Bear" gallery
Zlin-50 "Tumbling Bear"

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