For the last 40 years, the Quiet Birdmen have gathered at the Broome Ranch in Camarillo for a private airshow and barbeque. Jack Broome passed away in April of 2009 and many thought that the 39th year would be the last show. The family decided to have one last hurrah at the ranch. I arranged with the CAF SoCal Wing to get a photo ship up near the ranch for some photos. All aircraft that fly for the event stage out of Camarillo Airport. The CAF SoCal Wing uses their ramp to get many of the planes prepared. Many of the CAF volunteers marshall the aircraft and get them positioned on the ramp for a smooth departure in the right order. The museum hangar is used for the pilot briefing.

Pilot briefing at the CAF in Camarillo
The pilot briefing at 2:00 PM

Alan Gaynor was the pilot for the photo ship. We took off at 3:45 from Camarillo and would spend the next three hours circling over the Conejo grade, ready to take photos of anyone wanting to do so.

Alan Gaynor, pilot for the photo ship
Alan Gaynor, my photo ship pilot, in the CAF SoCal's SNJ. This was the photo ship.

Camarillo Airport just after takeoff
The view of Camarillo Airport after takeoff and our right departure.

We had a great view of the airshow from our vantage point. We could see the aircraft passing over the ranch. It was even easier to see the aerobatic aircraft with the smoke systems on.

Rob Harrison in Tumbling Bear over the ranch
Rob Harrison "Tumbling Bear" performing for the ranch crowd.

Our first photo subject was the Northrop N9MB from the Planes of Fame, flown by Ron Hackworth. He was about 2,000 feet below us, so we descended and caught up to him to catch a few photos.

Chasing the Northrop N9MB
Closing with the N9MB over Camarillo.

The N9MB from the front quarter view.

As the schedule fluctuated, some of the fighters circled until it was their turn. To see multiple WWII fighters circling over the marine layer of the Pacific and circle by us was reminiscent of a bygone era.

Bearcat and Tigercat formation
The F8F Bearcat and F7F Tigercat circling nearby.

Dustin Gelbard and Ken Gottschall joined up in Charlie Plumb's Fairchild PT-19. Charlie keeps the airplane at the CAF SoCal Wing, who keep it maintained well and flown regularly. I have heard many a pilot say that it is a fun airplane to fly.

Dustin Gelbard and Ken Gottschall in the Fairchild PT-19
Dustin and Ken in Charlie Plumb's PT-19

Dustin Gelbard and Ken Gottschall in the Fairchild PT-19
Banking into the turn a bit.

Dustin Gelbard and Ken Gottschall in the Fairchild PT-19
Dustin and Ken moving on below.

Gary Barber joined up on us flying the CAF SoCal Wing's F8F Bearcat. You could hear the big R-2800 engine over the roar of the engine in the SNJ. Having photographed this airplane many times from the ground, and on the ground, this was a big treat for me.

Gary Barber flying the Grumman F8F Bearcat
Gary in the Bearcat.

Gary Barber flying the F8F Bearcat
The F8F Bercat with ideal lighting and angle.

John Collver and his SNJ "War Dog" has been around the Southern California air show circuit for many years. He gave us a nice smoke pass before returning to base.

John Collver and his SNJ "War Dog"
John Collver in his SNJ "War Dog"

John Collver and his SNJ "War Dog"
John passing by.

Bruce Dickenson caught up with us for a few shots in his replica of the 1930s air racer "Mr Mulligan" based on the Howard DGA. He also flew a couple of times around with Snead Special Turbine Legend. It was an unusual formation of old and new technologies.

Bruce Dickenson's Mr Mulligan replica
Mr Mulligan, owned and flown by Bruce Dickenson

Mr Mulligan and the Snead Special Turbine Legend
Mr Mulligan and the Snead Special Turbine Legend.

Snead Special Turbine Legend
The Snead Special Turbine Legend. With the turbo-prop and looks similar to a Mustang, this is one cool airplane.

The 805 Squadron of North American Navions joined up on our left side for some nice formation shots. North American started building these just after World War II.

The 805 Squadron of North American Navions
The Navions coming up on our port side.

805 Squadron of North American Navions in an echelon formation
The four North American Navions that make up the 805 Squadron.

I have talked with Gregg Weitzman at several airshows and have been wanting to get some air-to-air shots of his T-28A Trojan for a long time. I was glad to be able to capture this beautiful T-28 at last in the air. The paint scheme is of the Edwards AFB Test Pilot School in the 1950s.

Gregg Weitzman in his T-28A Trojan
Gregg Weitzman's beautiful T-28A Trojan

Gregg Weitzman in his T-28A Trojan
Gregg's T-28A from the other side.

With the ranch airshow completed, Alan called in to the air boss for the event to see if we could make a few passes over the ranch to get a few photos of the folks at the ranch. We made three passes over the ranch and in doing so, became the last airplane to pass over the ranch for the last QB show. It was a great honor to be the final flyover. On the rhird pass, we gave a wing waggle to the folks below before heading back to Camarillo Airport.

Jack Broome's ranch
Jack Broome's ranch, with the QB members enjoying the last show and barbeque.

After 40 years, the show and barbeque at Broome ranch has ended. Memories of past QB shows at the ranch will be fond for many. Because of Jack Broome and his love of aviation, and ability to hold this event for forty years, we all got to see some interesting and rare aircraft. 

My personal thanks go out to Steve Barber for arranging the photo ship, Alan Gaynor for 3 great hours of flying, the Broome family, the QB crew and members, the pilots of the aircraft that came up to be photographed and the army of folks at the CAF SoCal Wing who make it all happen. Keep 'em flying.

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