It was dark and rainy at 4:45 AM on Saturday, April 1, 2006 as I got in my car for the drive to Riverside Airport. Knowing that the weather was likely going to be rainy all the way there, I left early to hopefully get a jump on the traffic. It was a mix of mist and downpour for most of the drive. I exited the 60 at Van Buren and headed south, the drive had been uneventful so far. The clouds were breaking and I was feeling optimistic. I arrived at the airport at about 6:30 and walked around to get some shots of static displays before the crowds arrived. After that, I was off to get a pancake breakfast and to hook up with some fellow aviation photographers.

A quick breakfast was followed by some conversation as the weather had turned again and it started to mist, then drizzle. It started to look a bit better, so we wandered up the hill near the air traffic control tower for the best vantage point. We met up with other aviation photographers, most of us belonging to Fencecheck (See links section). Not long after we had arrived on the hill, the weather turned again on us and it started to really rain. Gar and I headed back down the hill to find any refuge we could find to wait it out. Thankfully, the skies became clearer and the sun came out to dry out the tarmac...and us. The pages below are the aircraft in order or appearance at the show. If you are interested in a calendar featuring some of these pictures, see the link below the table for a preview and a link to the ordering page. Enjoy the pictures!

A couple of these photographs are featured on the CAF Southern California Wing's page.

click here for the static gallery
Static Aircraft and closeup shots
click here for the rain and crowd gallery
Rain and crowds
Click here for the Riverside helicopter demo gallery
Riverside Police Department
click here for the C-17 gallery
McDonnell Douglas C-17
Globemaster Flyby
click here for the oracle challenger gallery
Oracle Challenger- Sean Tucker
Click here for the F-117 gallery
Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk
click here for the KC-135 gallery
KC-135 Tanker Flyby
Click here for the Ed Hamill USAF Reserve biplane gallery
USAF Reserve biplane- Ed Hamill
Click here for the Rob Harrison Zlin 50 gallery
Zlin 50- Rob Harrison
Click here for the Just in Time skydivers gallery
Just in Time Skydivers
Click here for the Silver Wings Gallery
Silver Wings Wingwalker
Click here for the John Collver War Dog gallery
AT-6 "War Dog"- John Collver
Click here for the USAF heritage gallery
USAF Heritage Flight-
A-10, P-51
Click here for the A-10 gallery
A-10 Warthog
Click here for the P-51 Mustang gallery
P-51 Mustang
Click here for the US Navy heritage flight gallery
USN Heritage Flight-
F-18, F4F, F6F
Click here for the F-18 Hornet gallery
F-18 Hornet
Click here for the F4F Martlett gallery
F4F Wildcat/Martlett
Click here for the F6F Hellcat gallery
F6F Hellcat
Click here for the Thunder Delfins gallery
Thunder Delfins- Aero L-29
Click here for the Dragon Flight T-34 gallery
Dragon Flight- T-34
Click here for the T-6 formation gallery
T-6 formation flight


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