James "Seamus" McCaughley was a great performer and a friend to many. He was also a great mechanic. He fixed up cars, raced motorcycles, built and modified airplanes and loved to fly. He died on July 3, 2011 near the Santa Paula airport in his Cessna 180. Kristin Keppel was also killed in the crash. Blue skies and tail winds, buddy. You will be missed. This page is placed as a memorial to Seamus, and includes photos from the Celebration of Life and of photos from shows.

Skytypers message
During the Camarillo Airshow, the Skytypers left this message in the sky for Seamus.

Seamus' "Bleagle" parked in front of the hangar used for his Celebration of Life

Wreath for Seamus
Wreath placed near the Bleagle.

Seamus McCaughley memorial
Seamus' room-mate of 20 years talks about their adventures.

Seamus McCuaghly's memorial
Seamus' Step-mother talks about Seamus.

Seamus McCaughley at Cable Airport
January 2011 at the Cable Airshow.

Rich Ferdon and Rowena Mason
Rich Ferdon and Rowena Mason flyby as part of the memorial.

Rich Ferdon and Rowena Mason
Rich Ferdon and Rowena Mason flyby as part of the memorial..

Flying Cross
Flying Cross memorial. Flown by Judy Phelps (pax Dianne Williams Deana), Michael Terry (pax William Tinsley), Chris Olmstead, Clay Phelps, Darin Moody and Pete Mason.

Sammy Mason
Sammy Mason flying over.

Navions perform the fingertip formation for the missimg man.

Missing Man
#3 pulls up for the missing man.

Santa Paula Airshow pilots.
Seamus with Tim Just and Sammy Mason at the Santa Paula Airshow in August 2010.

Seamus at Camarillo
After just finishing his performance at Camarillo in August 2010.

Seamus at Cable Airport
Seamus awaiting engine start at the Cable Airport in January 2011

Performers at Cable
Seamus with Steve Stavrakakis, Mike Montgomery, Frank Donnelly and Ro Harrison at Cable Airport in January, 2011

Seamus and Kristin
Seamus and Kristin at Santa Paula.

Kristin's photo of Eric Van Gilder
Kristin took this photo of me photographing Seamus at the Santa Paula Airshow. I will never forget either of them, nor will many others.

For more memories, photographs and videos, visit the Memories of James "Seamus" McCaughley Facebook page.


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