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The Ultimate Air Race Challenge (UARC) is a new event that pits seven pilots against one another on a course at the same time racing between pylons at about 300 MPH. They held a practice event and preliminary shakedown at Vosburgh Field in Cayuma California on May 27-29, 2011. I arrived early on Saturday morning and witnessed an army of volunteers work to set up six inflatable pylons that are 60 feet tall. Once everything was set up and ready, Dave Riggs became the first pilot on the course to run the course. Throughout the day, between 2 and 4 pilots raced the course at between 15 and 65 feet in quite a show of horsepower and nerve. The afternoon was going to bring all pilots out on the course for a big show. Unfortunately, the winds kicked up just after the first 2 aircraft arrived and blew over the pylons on the course. I assisted the ground crew in getting pylon #1 rolled up and stabilized as others worked to get the rest of the pylons under control. Despite the winds cancelling the afternoon of flying, there was still some impressive flying going on as the pilots got acclimated to the course. I want to thank everyone involved for a day of interesting and safe flying.

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Danny Bond
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Dave LaFaille
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Dave Riggs
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Chris Rounds
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Craig Schulze
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