March 17, 2007
A day with the CAF

I volunteer at the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing based at Camarillo Airport. There are about a dozen or so aircraft there that are flyable, or in the process of being made flyable. Being a member of the CAF, you get to see, feel and experience history first hand. You get to hang out with people that also have a passion for aviation and history. Sometimes, after the museum closes and another hard day is done, we get together as friends to socialize and have some food and fun. March 17 was a day of the "4F"; Food, Friends, Flying and Fun. Here are some pictures of the folks that "keep 'em flying" at work and at play. Remember that every vintage warbird you see at airshows has had hundreds, if not thousands of man-hours of work to get it into flying condition. So for all you guys that turn the wrench, shoot the rivets, perform corrosion control, shape the sheetmetal and wield the tools of the trade, I salute you!

Sound like something you might enjoy? Come down to the museum in Camarillo, or your local chapter of the CAF and check it out. The web home of the CAF Southern California Wing is here. The main headquarters is here. There are chapters in many places and there is probably one near you.

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