Memorial Day 2006
In Memoriam

On Memorial Day, I attended the services at the Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks cemetary for the fourth year. They hold a nice service to remember that freedom is not free, and honor the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice. They came from all walks of life and served in each of the five branches of the US Military. From a personal perspective, it is a time for me to reflect on my service and remember the men that I knew that have died.

This year, several local boys were remembered who had fallen in the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was comforting to know that there was a large group of people on-hand that day who will not forget their sacrifice.

We all live with the hope that someday, wars will be obsolete and we won't have to send our boys halfway around the world into harms way. Until that day comes, it makes me proud to know that there are still young men who answer the call to serve this great nation. So to all my fellow veterans and serving military members, thanks.

The Garden of Honor at Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks

Flag masts in the garden of honor, and small flags for the veterans. It was somber and sobering to see the flags over the graves of the veterans.

An F-16 from Edwards AFB make a Memorial Day flyover for the service.

Condor Flight, based in Van Nuys also did a flyby with 10 vintage WWII trainers.

Doves of peace released during the service.

Doves flying over the garden of honor.

The rest of the pictures will be like this, to help remember the fallen, and the rest of my brother veterans that have passed before me. Gentlemen, I salute you. Thanks.

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