Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
Walk Through

This is a walk through of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. There are shots from 4 different B-17s used for this series. We will start from the front of the aircraft, as if you are entering from the crew door at the front of the aircraft

This first picture is a composite of 3 different pictures that are blended together to give a more wide angle view of the nose positions. The chair in the picture is for the bombardier. He would be manning guns when not on the bomb run.

This is the navigator's position. He would also help man the guns in the nose.

From the access 'tunnel', looking up at the pilot control panel and flight yoke.

This is one of the fuse panels in the cockpit that would be accessible by the flight engineer.

Into the cockpit of the Flying Fortress. The first shot is the cockpit, and the second is the view from the cockpit. Notice that the astro-dome, used by the navigator for taking sextant measurements and the antenna are clearly visible to the pilot and co-pilot. Overall visibility from the cockpit was pretty good.

There is only a narrow walkway through the bomb-bay. Here is a view looking aft, toward the radio compartment. This Fortress is carrying fake high explosive bombs.

These next 2 shots are looking toward the front of the aircraft, the lower picture while standing on the ground, looking up into the bomb-bay. The 2 circular arrows are the receptacles for the hand crank to lower the main landing gear in case of hydraulic failure.

Here is a shot of the bomb racks empty.

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