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1944 Beech D17S Staggerwing (NC4417S). When the co-founder of Travel Air left the company to pursue his own designs, Walter Beech designed this as his first design under his new company, Beechcraft.The first Model 17 Staggerwing flew in 1932 and did not generate a lot of interest at the time. Later redesign work led to retractable landing gear and other features for an executive aircraft. The D17S version like the one here also saw service with the USAAF as the UC-43. They were also flown by the RAF, British Fleet Air Arm (FAA) and the Royal New Zealand Air Force.



The Beechcraft Bonanza first flew in 1945 and today, as a division of Raytheon, Beechcraft still makes the Bonanza! It was introduced to the public in 1947. It was the first modern performance light aircraft with features unusual on a light aircraft of its day such as metal construction and retractable landing gear. The Bonanza is easily recognizable by the V shaped tail.

1949 Beech Model 35A Bonanza (N8558A).

1950 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza (N117DP)

1966 Beechcraft V35 Bonanza (N35MT)

1982 Beech Model B36TC Bonanza (N373ST). This is a scaled up Bonanza featuring seating for 6 and a conventional tail.

1962 Beech Model 95-A55 Baron (N2771). This paint scheme came from the factory. The owner wanted the orange for high visibility and the lavender just to be different.

1972 Beech E-55 Baron (N612H), Camarillo, July 2006.

1978 Beech E-90 KingAir (N20564) at Camarillo, July, 2006

1995 Beech C-90A KingAir (N275FA) at Camarillo. July 2006.

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