General Aviation aircraft

Clyde Cessna was the first American west of the Mississippi River to have a powered flight, in 1911 while flying a "Silverwing" that he built himself, copying a Bleriot XI. Cessna, together with Walter Beech and Lloyd Stearman started the Travel Air Manufacturing Company. They would all eventually go their separate ways to become successful with their own companies.

1946 Cessna 140 (N89605). The 140 was the second in a long line of light aircraft for General Aviation.

1946 Cessna 140 (N326DW) at Camarillo, July 2006.

The popular Cessna 150 was designed as a replacement for the 140 and first flew in 1959. Between 1959 and 1977, almost 24,000 150s were made in the US, France and Argentina. Do you know anyone who flies that has not been up in a Cessna 150 at least once?

1965 Cessna 150E (N1701F) at Camarillo Airport.

1965 Cessna 150F (N8657S) at Santa Paula Airport.

1976 Cessna 150M (N714AF) at Camarillo. The polish job on this one is beautiful.

1976 Cessna 150M (N704UT) at Santa Paula Airport.

1950 Cessna 170A (N9976A) at Santa Paula Airport.

1964 Cessna 172F (N8269U) at Santa Paula airport.

1979 Cessna 172N (N9452E) at Santa Paula airport, in front of a 1977 Cessna A185F Floatplane.

1984 Cessna 172P (N97172) at Santa Paula airport.

1974 Cessna 177B (N35140) at Camarillo Airport.

1955 Cessna 180 (N9286C) at Camarillo, July 2006

1980 Cessna 180K (N9HM) at Santa Paula Airport.

1967 Cessna 182K (N2650R) at Camarillo Airport.

1948 Cessna 195 (N195H) at Camarillo Airport.

1959 Cessna 210 (N7340E) at Camarillo Airport. Another great polish job!

1981 Cessna U206G (N206JK) at Camarillo Airport. This airplane is used by the civil air patrol.

1965 Cessna 337 (N2222X) at Camarillo, July 2006.

1975 Cessna 421C (N87532) at Camarillo

2004 Cessna 525 CitationJet (N152CS) seen at Camarillo.

1998 Cessna 750 Citation X (N750QS) landing at Burbank Bob Hope Airport.

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