September 5, 2006
A Day at the Camarillo Airport

I took the morning after labor day to spend at the airport, shooting pictures and hanging out with the airplanes. For the day after a holiday, there was a lot of flying activity. A classic Piper Cub was pulled out of a nearby hangar and the owner was doing touch and goes and pattern work. Below are some of the shots from the day.

Nose art on the CAF SoCal Wing's C-46 Commando, "China Doll" (N53594).

Business end of the B-25 "Executive Sweet" (N30801).

Port side closeup of "Executive Sweet"

Percival Prentice (N1041P).

Homebuilt Weber Venture (N5QE)

RV-4 Homebuilt called a "Harmon Rocket II" (N707NM).

Britten Norman BN-2 Islander operated by the CIA (Channel Islands Aviation!) (N55JA)

Socata TBM-700 (N700GN).

I didn't catch the registration number on this airplane, so I am not sure what it is.

One of three banner-tug Piper Super Cubs that were working that day. It was something to see them snatch the banners.

Cessna 170A (N1748D) fighting the crosswind.

This Piper J3C-65 Cub (NC3561K) was a real treat to watch in action.

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