Airplane Close-ups

This is the Boeing B-17G "Fuddy Duddy" (N9563Z). It toured the Southern California Region in April of 2005.

This is the Boeing B-17G "Nine 'O Nine" (NL93012). It is part of the Collings Foundation. This is also kind of a "self portrait". That is me in the prop spinner wearing the black hat.

B-25 "Executive Sweet" (N30801) on top. The two below that are the B-25 "Heavenly Body" (N9185H).

The right side main gear on the C-46 Commando "China Doll" (N53594).

The tail features on this US Navy F-18 were unusual enough to catch my attention. The second shot is one of my most popular. This F-18 is part of the US Navy Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Three Zero "Bloodhounds", VX-30 based at Point Mugu NAS.

US Navy P-3 Orion, part of the US Navy Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Three Zero "Bloodhounds", VX-30, based at Point Mugu NAS. Taken at the Point Mugu air show in September of 2005.

Close up of the cockpit of a Stearman PT-17 "Old Dog" (N55721).

These are close ups of one of the many North American T-28 Trojans that were at the Camarillo Air Show in 2005. This is a T-28C model, bureau number 140514.

Waco YMF (N181AS).

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