Fun with Photoshop

Photoshop is standard software for most photographers today. It allows you to do things that years ago, would have taken a darkroom, chemicals and a lot of money and patience. I have typically used it for resizing images and some minor touchups. Lately, I have been playing with other things and experimenting with graphic arts. This gallery will be evolving as I learn more and more about Photoshop, which in a lot of ways is like peeling an onion. There is a LOT to this software!

This is an idea I have been working on for a limited edition, signed and numbered print.

A little spoof on the "Got Milk" campaign for us Kerosene addicts.

This was fun. The photo looked okay in color, but needed a little something in black and white. So I left the F-18 Hornet in color, although it is hard to tell because of the low-visibility grey of the Hornet. The Navy and Marine Corps logos are public domain images that rounded out the idea.

This one is my personal favorite, and not because being an Air Force veteran might make me a bit biased... The photo was shot at the Edwards open house and quickly became one of my favorite shots of the show. This one and the Navy image above are both Photoshop optimized for 20 x 16 in size. Now if I could only talk my wife into putting these up somewhere in the house...

The original photo was good and clear, but on a cloudless sky background. I happened to have a picture of an interesting cloud pattern in the sky. A magic eraser for the original background then moved onto the cloud sky. Voila!

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