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This is a sample of aviation related photography work that has been provided by Eric Van Gilder.

T-28B Trojan cockpit view
Cockpit view from a T-28B over Ojai California.

Stearman over the Pacific
Stearman over the Pacific ocean near the Channel Islands

SNJ-5 Texan "290"
CAF SoCal Wing's SNJ-5 "290" over Camarillo

T-28 Trojan Echelon Turn
T-28 Trojan echelon turn over Paso Robles California.

T-34 Mentor
Kevin Carson's T-34 Mentor over Palm Springs California

T-6 "Trouble Child"
T-6 "Problem Child" over the Pacific near the Channel Islands.

PT-22 Recruit
CAF Inland Empire Wing's Ryan PT-22 Recruit over Upland California

CAF So-Cal Wing F8F Bearcat
CAF Southern California Wing F8F Bearcat over Camarillo

T-28A Trojan
Gregg Weitzman's T-28A Trojan over Camarillo California.

Fokker DR.I replica over Prado Dam
Fokker DR.I replica over the Prado Dam area near Chino California

T-6 "Sugarfoot"
Chris Rushing's T-6 "Sugarfoot" over Saticoy California.

T-28B Trojan
T-28B Trojan "Ginny Sue II" over the Pacific near Santa Barbara California

North American Navion
North American Navions over Camarillo California

P-51 Mustang "Cottonmouth"
David Price's P-51D Mustang "Cottonmouth" over Ventura County

Silver Wings Wingwalkers
Silver Wings wingwalking team over Prado Dam near Chino California

T-28B Trojan
Andrew Swart's T-28B Trojan over the Pacific near Ventura California

Charlie Plumb's PT-19 Cornell
Charlie Plumb's PT-19 Cornell over Camarillo California

SNJ-5 Texan "290"
CAF SoCal Wing's SNJ-5 "290"

T-28B Trojan and L-39 Albatross formation
T-28B Trojan and L-39 Albatros formation over Paso Robles California

T-34 Mentor
T-34 Mentor near Palm Springs California.

T-28 Trojan Carrier Approach
T-28 Trojan on a carrier approach.

Rich Perkins in the Firecat Jet
Rich Perkins flying the Firecat Jet L-39 past the wall of fire.

P-51D Mustang "Wee Willy II"
P-51D Mustang "Wee Willy II" from the Planes of Fame on a low pass.

P-40 Warhawk
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk at Camarillo Airport.

A-10 Warthog over wall of fire at NAS Point Mugu
A-10 Warthog flies over the Wall of Fire at NAS Point Mugu

Grumman Albatross closeup
Close-up of the Row-44 Grumman Albatross fly-over

B-17 Flying Fortress "Fuddy Duddy"
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress "Fuddy Duddy" on  a clear day at Chino Airport.

John Collver and his SNJ "War Dog"
John Collver and "War Dog"

B-25 Mitchell "Executive Sweet"
North American B-25 Mitchell "Executive Sweet" over Camarillo Airport.

Chuck Aaron in the Red Bull Helicopter
Chuck Aaron in the Red Bull Helicopter. Yes, he is doing a loop, in a helicopter.

Rob Harrion, Tumbling Bear in his Zlin 50
Rob Harrison, Tumbling Bear in his Zlin 50.

USAF Heritage Flight
USAF Heritage Flight.