June 6, 2006
An Afternoon with the Silver Wings II
Fokker DR.1 Page 1

On June 6, 2006, I met up with Hartley Folstad, Margaret Stivers and Jimmie New for some air-to-air photography at the Chino Airport. The weather wasn't looking terribly promising, but we had the visibility and ceiling. We first did a photo flight with Margi performing her wingwalking routine. After that, I got into the Stearman with Hartley to shoot Jimmie flying the Fokker.

Here is the cockpit and forward section of the Fokker, as seen from the rear of the airplane.

Here is the clever nose statement.

Hartley and Jimmie doing a pre-flight briefing while Margi looks on. Those hand signals have been used by pilots probably as long as man has been flying airplanes.

Jimmie suiting up in authentic period attire...well at least from the waist up!

We taxi out to the warm up area and warm up the airplanes. Here, Jimmie is signalling that he is ready to go.

We take off in formation again. Here we are side by side, looking like a real vintage flight.

Cheating gravity once again and heading skyward.

Now the fun begins. We fly in formation and Jimmie moves around and gives me some great angles.

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