EAA AirVenture 2014- Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Helicopter Ride, Oshkosh from above

On Wednesday, I took a ride in a Safari Helicopter with Jim Benson. With the airplane parking and camp sites full, it was a great opportunity to see how big this event is. A huge thanks to Jim Benson and the others that worked to help et people up in the helicopters.

Safari Helicopter ride.
The control panel in the Safari Helicopter.

Safari Helicopter ride.
Some of the campsites, Boeing plaza, the twoer and pavilions.

West side RV sites
West side RV campsites

Safari Helicopter ride.
South end of the field with some of the vintage aircraft.

Looking north Safari Helicopter ride.
Looking north, you can see a LOT of vintage aircraft.

More of the vintage aircraft and the ultralight
More of the vintage aircraft area. The ultralight field is on the left.

Osh Vegas
The Fabulous Osh Vegas Palms Resort.

Wittman field from above
Wittman Field stretching across the center of this image.

More of the vintage area, and some of the home built
More of the vintage and some of the homebuilt areas.

Another view of Oshkosh
Another view of Oshkosh

Landing at the ultralight field
Coming in to land on the ultralight field.

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