October 10-11, 2008- Trojans and Hoovers
Flight 3, Saturday Morning Noise

At Friday night's dinner, we decided to meet up in the motel lobby on Saturday morning at 6:30 AM to be able to get to the airport by 7:30. The air was chilly and the canopy was frosted over. I had pants and a shirt on under my flight suit, and an MA1 jacket on. I couldn't help but think about the student pilots that trained to fly in these airplanes as I walked down the long row of airplanes to get to the one I would be in for this flight. It really is quite an experience to walk past 6 airplanes on the way to the one you will be riding along in. This was a flight of four T-28s with Dan "Dripper" Kirkland, Michael "Viper" Maloco, Mark "Magic" Matye and Sherman Smoot.

The morning frost burns off from the heat of the engine during warmup. It was pretty cold!

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