May 1-3, 2009 Gathering Of Mentors
Sunday Flying

Sunday morning brough calmer winds and everyone was up to fly. I tagged along with George Watson, who flew lead with Jerry Rohles and Tyler on the wing. There was a lot of formation breaks and re-joins theoughout the flight and some great opportunities for quality photos. All of these guys are part of the March ARB flying club.

After landing, we got to see some of the other groups coming back.

During lunch, we briefed for a big formation with 14 aircraft, three diamond formations joined up with 2 stingers. I was in the photo ship with Brett Austin. Unfortunately, our timing was a little off and we were on taxiing out to the runway on the first pass. I was able to get one shot off as they passed over us, right in the sun.  After that, a couple of guys in the formation were having some mechanical difficulties and the formation broke off. We returnred to the airport to say our goodbyes and for me to get into Marc's airplane for the return home.

I grabbed a few photos on the way home, including a self portrait of myself looking exhausted and haggard. After breaking formation with Ron and heading our own directions, Marc and I got to reflect on the weekend. It was a great time.

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